Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Lush love

 To get right into it, it would be an understatement to say that I'm familiar with Lush products. Lush is certainly in the ranking for my top three favourite shops and whilst some people find the scent of lush shops overpowering I would be more than happy to have my house filled with that scent for the rest of eternity, it would be well worth the headaches. 
During exam times Lush is my saviour and in last years exam season I fell in love with the Karma Bubble Bar and it's become a really relaxing and soothing scent for me, I am definitely more inclined towards citrus and floral scents and not so much towards sweeter scents like The Godmother Bar, but I'm certainly growing on it.
This first product is from the Mother's day collection but I couldn't resist it, the Tulip bubble bar is a very similar scent to the karma range, in my opinion the godmother line is more suitable for winter because it's quite sweet, but the Tulip bar is light and refreshing and perfect for the spring to summer transition. It adds a slight coral/orange tinge the water and I've used it 3 times and it's still going strong, definitely buying this again next year! 
 The Dorothy bubble bar, I'm in love with it, it's completely your own choice to add as much or as little as you desire, and obviously the more you crumble under the running tap the more bubbles it produces. This product is really skin softening and the smell is still very similar to the karma range, but with a slightly sweeter tone to it. It's very relaxing and lifts your moods and spirits just as it advertises, this little bubble bar is refreshing and sweet and perfect to end a hot summers day with.
 The Fluffy Egg is adorable,  it leaves your bath a really vibrant pink colour, it's smell certainly leans more towards the Godmother range but since it's from the Easter collection it has a slight citrus tone to it to make it more refreshing and spring-suitable. The fluffy egg is very sweet and candy-like but on the downside, the floating flowers in similar lush bath bombs are quite inconvenient. They're adorable for taking photos but once you've finished with your luxurious bath there's a downside of having to pick the flowers out the bath afterwards, but on the whole this bath bomb is very sweet and the scent lingers for hours after.
Ah, the Brightside bubble bar, I have mixed emotions about this products. At first glance it looks like a larger version of the Karma bubble bar, my all time favourite love, but this bar has a wider variation of yellow and red tones. Out of all my lush products this is certainly the most overpowering, I am a lover of fresh citrus scents but I would not recommend this if you were on the fence about the whole citrus line. To narrow it down a bit, the scent is very alike to most summer ice lollies, it smells very strongly of oranges, but without that sharpness that natural oranges produces, it almost smells more of citrus fruits sweets and lollies and more artificially flavoured things to the point where the smell is almost too sickly sweet. However, this product has a lot of essential oil in it and the scent does linger, but thankfully the scent it leaves on you isn't as strong and 'in your face' as the bar itself.
Last but not least, the Golden Egg, at first glance I fell in love with this bath bomb, it's gold and sparky- a brilliant first impression. The smell isn't very overpowering, almost a contrast to the visual side of it. It's quite subtle but it has hints of sweet honey and chocolate scents in it, but without being too sickly. In keeping with the Easter theme the scent does smell very alike to chocolate Easter eggs, not a downside at all! This particular bath bomb is very slow at dissolving and has more of a bath melt effect, it seems from the outer shell of the bath bomb that it would fill your bath with glitter and a deep rich ochre yellow colour, but it leaves the bath tinged a very pale yellow, although it seems like a disappointment it's very appropriate for the spring to summer transition. On a brighter note, the Golden Egg leaves your skin super soft and the glitter leaves a  very subtle and almost undetectable shimmer on your skin, but other than that the glitter isn't a huge issue- coming from a glitter lover!

Hope you enjoyed my small Lush review, it's very rare for me to dislike a lush product but this year I really loved the Easter range, but the Christmas range wins every time!
Much love and adios x

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